White Paper: VDI Appliances Accelerate and Simplify Virtual Desktop Delivery

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Early desktop virtualization adopters quickly learned that success or failure of a VDI implementation very often hinged on the ability to deliver the right storage infrastructure; a fact that many industry commentators and vendors quickly picked up on. So much so that, in many peoples’ eyes, the most important infrastructure design consideration has become the need to deliver IOPS – Input/Output operations Per Second. There is no doubt that storage is a critical part of any successful VDI system; however, this understanding does not paint the whole picture. The introduction of dedicated VDI appliances creates an opportunity to rethink VDI infrastructure design from the ground up, simplifying and accelerating delivery. At the same time, variation in VDI appliance design means that attempting to gauge appliance performance by reviewing processor and IOPS specification alone is insufficient to gauge likely system performance.

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