Entelechy Associates helps IT professionals and vendors create and implement strategies that drive the most value from workspace virtualization and application delivery technologies. Our services deliver in-depth, unbiased analysis that you can trust.

What Do We Do?


Consulting hours are the the staple of all of our contracts, these hours can be employed by customers for a variety of needs. Examples of recent projects include: a conference speaking engagement, a strategic product roadmap consultation, and a marketing critique and feedback session. We’re fairly versatile, but if you’re unsure as to whether or not we can help, just ask: we’ll be able to tell you pretty easily, and if we can’t be of assistance, we can probably tell you who can.

Research and Publishing:

We are dedicated to providing only open source, non-commissioned research, because of this our clients do not receive special access or special coverage within our public research. We do believe, however, that these policies offer substantial benefits to our clients, including:

  1. Simplified access for your employees: no need to bother with seats, or a new username and password combination – the research is there for the taking.
  2. Simplified access for your own customers: you may not re-purpose our research for commercial (i.e. marketing, etc) materials without an agreement (see below), but you may link to it as you see fit.
  3. Highly ranked and visible research: because our research is public, much of it has been discussed and linked to. This approach rewards Entelechy Associates analysts with higher than usual search engine rankings, meaning that our research is likely to surface in the Top 10 or Top 5, for a variety of queries your customers and prospects are likely to make.
  4. Community based analysis: because our research is public, you may benefit from the additional insights of those who comment on any research we publish.
  5. New audiences: content that is access controlled is, by definition, only available to those with access. That excludes important communities and individuals, who, for whatever reason, may not have access to data that is hosted behind a pay wall. Our research, on the other hand, is available to all and thus has reach into communities that paid research does not. Other firms would have you pay them, simply for the privilege of reading their research, and then pay them again, for the right to have the public read it. We think you should pay for published research only if you think our work has value from a commercial perspective.

For IT Professionals

Our enterprise customers engage Entelechy Associates when they need to make informed decisions about desktop and mobile application access architectures and product selection. Our services ensure that their solutions are best aligned with business needs and IT responsibilities, and reduce the risk of deploying technologies that will not support their long-term business goals.

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For Vendor Clients

Our vendor clients rely on us for straight-forward market analysis and competitive insight. Product and Marketing Managers, Sales Managers and SE’s count on our independence and experience to deliver guidance on where they stand and how to compete.

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How do you work with us?

Clients can subscribe to one of three levels of patronage: Supporter, Sponsor, and Patron. Where you fit depends on the size of your organization, what your specific requirements are, as well as how complex and difficult you are to service.

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