Service Tiers

Clients can subscribe to one of three service tiers: Supporter, Sponsor, and Patron. Where you fit depends on the size of your organization and what your requirements are, and to a degree how complex and difficult you are to service.


This level of patronage is tailored specifically to the needs of start-ups, although some smaller established organizations may be eligible for this arrangement. Subscribing to the service is very simple. A 12 month subscription is available through a simple contract for $7,500 (contact Information for more details). And just because this is our entry level subscription it doesn’t mean that our Supporters are any less important to us. We really like our Supporters, some of our most interesting and thought-provoking work comes from them.


Sponsors are typically either smaller companies who are more committed to us, or larger companies who require a more limited subscription. The minimum fee for a Sponsor level agreement is $20,000; for clients with greater needs, the fee increases.


Patrons are our most committed customers, as well as the largest consumers of our resources. Prices vary for Patron level subscriptions depending on the exact nature of the requirements, number of consulting hours, and so on. We are, of course, quite happy to accept a startup or smaller organization, as a Patron, if they are committed to our business model.