Services for Vendors

Strategic Advisory Services

Our analysts hands-on experience and Entelechy Associates’s technical background, independent research and IT professional consulting practice brings expertise and insight for vendors engaged in strategic planning and execution.

Market Analysis

The Entelechy Associates Desktop Leadership Panel is an exclusive group of 200 IT Leaders who together have responsibility for approximately 1.1 million PCs and 550,000 mobile devices located in 11 countries. All panelists are senior technical professionals within end-user IT organizations and have decision-making responsibility for desktop management and application delivery services to fixed and mobile endpoints across their respective organizations.  In return for limited free access to Entelechy Associates services, panel members agree to make themselves available to answer occasional telephone interviews and questionnaires on behalf of Entelechy Associates and its clients.

All Entelechy Associates clients may submit questions to panel members, in accordance with the terms of the sponsorship tier selected.

Competitive Analysis

At the core of the Entelechy Associates business model for vendors is competitive support for product management and field sales. We combine our in-depth market analysis insights with detailed assessment of competing products and technologies to provide guidance on sales and marketing initiatives to help you focus your resources on the best possible opportunities.

Product to Market Services

Once product strategy and solution development have been defined, the “go to market strategy” needs concrete definition and deliverables. Entelechy Associates assists in developing direct and indirect channel strategies, then communicating the value proposition to sales, channel partners and end users. This includes solution guides, validations and external communications that leverage our industry expertise.

Validation & Testing

Entelechy Associates provides the only independent testing service that focuses exclusively on end to end assessment of desktop virtualization technologies. From storage to the endpoint, Entelechy Associates unique insight to the challenges of delivering high performance virtual desktop environments ensures testing programs that most closely reflect real world scenarios and its open testing methodology effectively renders published results immune to criticism from competing vendors.

Press Services:

All of our clients are entitled to two important press services. First, they may ask for quotes to support outgoing press releases, and second they may provide our names to media as analysts that have been briefed on the subject matter. No guarantee is made that the quotes will be positive in nature, of course, but we will provide quotes and prioritize inbound media inquiries. It’s important to note that we will certainly comment on non-client inquiries as well, but we restrict the ability to provide our names to the press to paying clients, simply because it takes time to service media requests.

Networking Assistance:

Given the breadth of our research duties, our analysts have the opportunity to form solid, ongoing relationships with a variety of individuals from individual consultants up to the largest vendor. Where it’s appropriate, and we believe there’s a mutual fit, we’ll leverage these relationships on behalf of clients. Think of this as a very specialized form of the LinkedIn network, where an analyst is actively helping to identify connections you may not have considered.

Proactive Alerts:

We act as the early warning systems for many of our clients. Given that we track hundreds of incoming data sources, and have an extensive network of contacts across a variety of communities, we’re often made aware of potential issues, problems or competitive threats before they are.

Content Licensing:

All our published content is available completely free of charge to all of our clients. Content is available to anyone else for non-commercial purposes under a Creative Content License. Non-clients wishing to reproduce our work for commercial purposes should contact us first.

Anything Else:

If there are services that you require that are not covered by the above, feel free to ask. Chances are we’re grouping it in one of the above categories.

Please contact us for more information.