Entelechy Associates Announces Remote UXmark – Remote Display Technology User Experience Benchmark

Entelechy Associates LLC announces the first remote display technology user experience benchmark for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), presentation virtualization, and associated technologies.

In response to rapid growth increase in the use of remote display technologies and increased choice of  of both display protocol, and endpoint device types; Entelechy Associates acknowledges that the lack of a standard benchmarking solution to aid in technology assessment is creating uncertainty amongst potential customers and adding to overall project risk and costs. As a direct response to these issues, Entelechy Associates is working to develop an open benchmarking standard that will simplify technology selection and reduce overall project risk.

Remote UXmark is being developed by Entelechy Associates working with industry experts in benchmarking, remote display protocols, network systems and endpoint devices.   Remote UXmark is the first independent benchmark tool capable of performing fully objective analysis of any remote display technology.  Testing can be done in days rather than weeks, enabling companies to quickly and accurately measure technology performance running standard benchmark workloads. The benchmark will also support execution of custom implementation specific workloads to meet individual customer requirements. By utilizing advanced image analysis techniques to identify any deviation between data center and endpoint rendered displays, Remote UXmark will provide repeatable objective analysis and reporting of user experience across all remote display protocols and endpoints.

When complete, the benchmark will be made available free of charge under a Creative Commons license  to end users, service providers and vendors from the Remote UXmark website.  All publicly released results will be available free of charge and will be audited prior to publication by Remote UXmark. Testing and support services will be available from Entelechy Associates and other independent testing organizations.

About Remote UXmark

Remote UXmark is dedicated to helping IT professionals and Vendors effectively measure and compare storage system performance while running VDI workloads.  VDI-IOmark was created in 2012 in order to enable IT users and vendors to accurately benchmark remote display technologies associated with VDI and presentation virtualization.  Remote Display technology performance results will be published, and more information about the organization will be available at Remote-UXmark.org

About Entelechy Associates

Entelechy Associates LLC is dedicated to helping IT professionals and Vendors create and implement desktop virtualization and application delivery strategies and enable companies to meet their business requirements cost effectively. As a premier IT analyst firm,Entelechy Associates has continued to provide unbiased analysis and education for IT professionals since its inception in 2010.  For more information see Entelechy-Associates.com 

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