About Entelechy Associates

At Entelechy Associates we pride ourselves on being a little bit different. At the time we first considered founding the firm we had become somewhat disenchanted with the way that an unfortunate percentage of industry analyst firms operated. In our opinion, the business was starting to look like a hybrid between a protection racket and the Washington lobbying system. Whilst both systems have been very profitable for the participants, they do not represent the highest ethical standards one might wish to uphold. Rather than perpetuate this model, we chose to do something different.

After seeing the benefits that come from the open source movement, we made a decision to adopt that model as the core of our business. As a result, all our of the research we publish is available free of charge to all for non-commercial use. There are no restrictions governing who can access it or how it is used, provided that the terms of the work’s Creative Commons License is adhered to. However if you wish to use any of our material for commercial purposes you are required to license it.

We are, for want of a better way of putting it, “open source” analysts.

Our business model is simple, we are funded by patronage. Organizations who value either the services we offer or the business model we follow,are invited to subscribe to an annual service agreement in return for which we perform a variety of consulting services. We have established three levels of patronage, that are explicitly tailored to favor start-up ventures at the expense of established enterprises. We believe that the determination and innovation exhibited by start-up ventures needs to be encouraged and believe that it is the duty of established vendors to offer a proportionately greater contribution for the same level of service, so that they can directly participate in the further development of the technology eco-system.

In order to provide as much transparency as possible, and to reduce the risk of any appearance of bias in our research; we publish the names of all of our patrons, both on our website, and on all research papers that we release. We offer our patrons no guarantees that we will publish any research that relates to their products. Nor do we accept commissioned research of any kind. At the same time, true to our open source sensibilities we accept that we do not have all the good ideas and are always willing to listen to suggestions for topics we should cover.

Our patrons are mainly technology vendors, although we do provide services to a small number of large enterprise clients. Our goal is to remain a small company whose primary value is intimate understanding of our market segment and the vendors who focus on this space. We are not averse to some growth, but only if it allows us to serve our community more effectively and it is a low priority compared to maintaining the trust of our community.